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Air Duct Cleaning

Why choose Steam & Clean for your air duct cleaning needs?

➔ Fresh water rinse
➔ Environmentally friendly
➔ Healthier, chemical free clean for loved ones
➔ Senior, Military, Fire, and Police Discounts
➔ A cleaner way to live


When you own a home you take care of things around your home that is obvious. As in broken refrigerator or touching up paint but what about unseen dangers that you forget about? Your air vents, air vents have so much trapped debris like pollen, dust, pet dander, mold and animal droppings. Living in Florida we have seasons of extreme humidity and heavy pollen, this helps breed mold and pollen in your ducts. This where we can help we can professionally clean your ducts to make the air you breathe in your home much healthier, cleaner and run more efficiently.


What Is The Importance Of Duct Cleaning?

Over the years your ducts collect a multitude of debris. When you use your air conditioner or heater the air blows right over this. Stirring it up causing the air in your home to be lees than healthy to breathe. This can be hazardous to your health causing asthma, sinusitis, and breathing problems. Your health is a big concern and you can rest easy that we will clean all debris as well as maintain the health of your home and air conditioning.


What kinds of debris?

Pollen, viruses, mold, bacteria, pet dander, bugs, rodents and their urine, and more.



● Average six room home can collect around 40lbs of dust and pollen every year. That with Florida humidity will cause mold.

● This dirt build up can decrease your air conditioners efficiency 21%.

● 1” of dust can reduce air flow by 30%.


How We Will Clean Your Ducts

● We have trained technicians to give you the best possible service.

● We use an air system that thoroughly clean your ducts spotlessly. This process is used in floor ducts and roof vents.

● Our technician will run you air conditioning system this allows any airborne debris to be cleaned.

● We will clean your return vent with a powerful vacuum to clean out the contaminates.

● Then we clean each individual register covering all the other registers with plastic so dirt won’t blow out.

● We take off, clean, and inspect each register to make sure they are free of debris.

● We use a clear boot that will seal around you vent, you can actually see all the debris that will be extracted.

● We use a ball crawler that will push all the dust and dirt out to the boot. The pressure inside the duct to the boot.

● If you would like, our technician can take extra measures and use a hypoallergenic sanitizer to further clean your vents. In a light smell this anti microbial gives additional odor control

● We will clean around your home to get the excess debris if there is any.


Things That Are Helpful

● This is a noisy process, if this will bother your pets and/or kids you may want to schedule around them.

● You still want to keep up regular maintenance like replacing filters.

● You need to have your dust cleaned every 1-3 years.


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