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How To Avoid Bait & Switch Carpet Cleaners

Nobody wants to live with dirty carpet. Carpets can hold many indoor air pollutants. They can also hold several pounds of soil and even mold. This can be a health risk. You need to hire a carpet cleaner to come clean your rugs regularly. However, you have to be careful you don’t hire a company that is going to get you caught up in a bait and switch.

Typical bait and switch schemes involve unusually inexpensive carpet cleaners. They may promise to do your rooms for one low price. Hiring carpet cleaners like this may seem like a good idea, but it rarely is. Usually when they get to your home they unleash a list of hidden costs that will cost you more than that original low price quote.

Bait and switch carpet cleaners will claim that the cost didn’t include high traffic areas. Or they may say it didn’t include certain needed chemicals. They may offer one room free and pick the smallest room in the house like a foyer or hallway to cover that free room.

When you go to hire a carpet cleaner you want to ask them plenty of questions. Pay close attention to their answers. Ask them about their specific certifications and licenses. Find out how long they have been in business. Ask for a list of references. Find out if the company screens their employees and what kind of training their employees undergo.

One way to avoid bait and switch is to hire a company that charges by the square foot. This way your quote is cut and dry. You won’t have any hidden fees pop up at the last minute. IT may seem more expensive to do it this way, but when this is the only charge you get you don’t have to worry about a bunch of add on charges.

Why You Don’t!! Rent Carpet Cleaning Machines.

Why You Don’t Rent Carpet Cleaning Machines
Having dirty carpet is gross and unhealthy, it can cause skin infections such as athlete’s foot, asthma, breathing issues, and allergic reactions. These are very unpleasant to have in your own home but if you rent carpet cleaning machines you are only throwing gasoline or your fire.
This is why you don’t rent carpet cleaning machines first of all most people do not properly clean out these machines as they are not professionals. Second, the store clerks are not professionals either so they probably do not even try to clean it out. So therefore when you use it chances are you are putting someone else’s filth in your carpet.
Thirdly, the chemicals that are needed to give you a false clean are not what you want to breathe or your family. Lastly, you will need to do the work, move all of the furniture take special care with your belongings.
If this does not deter you NOT to rent carpet cleaning machines I do not know what will, ​read here on how our process is for carpet cleaning​, our carpet cleaning method will take your worry away. We use chemical free cleaners and use fresh water to rinse your carpet, having a no toxic chemicals in the air is the best trustworthy clean you can always trust with us.
We guarantee your satisfaction with our service we have nothing but a professional team which will leave your home free and clean while you get to sit back and relax while be do the heavy lifting.
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Do you Really Need To Clean Your Dryer Vent?

Would you like to….
1. Prevent fires
2. Save money
3. Save energy
What if one day your house catches fire, if you could have prevented it would you have? Of course your answer is yes, you probably need clean your dryer vents.
Most people forget about one of the most used appliances, the dryer and clean dryer. Often times people forget to clean out the filter. Some people actually collect the dryer lint for fire starter because it is that flammable. It is a potential danger the cause of a 1/3 of 2,900 house fires just last year according to the US Fire Administration.
When your vents get too much blockage the dryer does not work as good as it should, not only does it create a fire hazard but costs you more to run. You run a cycle but it’s not completely dry so you run it again therefore 2 cycles 1 load of clothes $$$ going out your clogged vents. The world is becoming a more earth friendly economical place, having your vents cleaned can save you money and energy.
Here are some signs that may indicate you need a visit from the vent cleaning fairy.
● Tick…..Drying time takes a lot longer
● Tick…..Dryer outside is very hot after a cycle including clothes ● Tick…..Vent is not opening right
● Tick…..Burning smell
It is recommended you have your vents cleaned and inspected once a year to stop this ticking time bomb!
Don’t let this happen to your beautiful home! Easily solve your potential threat, we can come out, check your vents and clean them for you with our special tools. Read about our thorough service here in our ​Dryer Vent Cleaning​.
If you would like to get your vents inspected and cleaned set up appointment today! Check out all of our services also!

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