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Carpet Cleaning


Why choose Steam & Clean for your carpet cleaning needs?

  • Fresh water rinse
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Healthier, chemical free clean for loved ones
  • Military, Fire, and Police Discounts
  • A cleaner way to live


Carpet Cleaning Process

Carpet cleaning healthier for your family with results you will love.

Let the most detail oriented steam and clean company bring you the best possible service. We pride ourselves with delivering the utmost customer satisfaction. We use earth friendly products and fresh water to ensure the best possible clean for you and the earth. This is why we are proud to bring our amazing quality and customer service, Steam & Clean in Orlando, FL.


Prior to our visit:

Please move any small furniture out of the area
● Also secure any breakable items


  1. We can go through all the areas you are wanting to have clean. Here you can give us all of your concerns and we can answer any questions you may have. We will also access any areas we may feel need special attention, we can give you a final price and assessment before we start.
  2. We like to give a thorough cleaning to the area prior to carpet cleaning. This ensures the area will be free of all debris, we want to best the best possible end results.
  3. The furniture left we can move and replace back to its original state taking proper care and protection with both the carpet and furniture against moisture.
  4. After prepping the area, we will pre-condition the entire carpet with a biodegradable cleaning solution. This will breakup all the oily soiled areas and dirt and grime to help it to easily be cleaned. We will also spot treat any area that needs special attention, our team are spot experts and know how to identify and treat them correctly. If it can be removed our team can do it this is our carpet cleaning guarantee.
  5. We use fresh water from our truck mounted carpet cleaning machine to clean and rinse the carpet. Our system uses a water softening system which leaves the carpet clean, fluffy, and soft. Have cleaner carpet for longer with no left over residue.
  6. We know you have better things to do then wait for carpet to dry, this is why we have methods
  7. to dry the carpet faster so you can get back to your busy life. We remove excess moisture with
  8. multiple passes and have carpet fans to help the process along.
  • As an additional Option we offer a protection application to create a “invisible shield” , this will help your clean carpet against stain resistance. Making it easier to pull dirt and grime up with each pass of your vacuum.

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  • SundayWe are closed

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