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Do you Really Need To Clean Your Dryer Vent?

Would you like to….
1. Prevent fires
2. Save money
3. Save energy
What if one day your house catches fire, if you could have prevented it would you have? Of course your answer is yes, you probably need clean your dryer vents.
Most people forget about one of the most used appliances, the dryer and clean dryer. Often times people forget to clean out the filter. Some people actually collect the dryer lint for fire starter because it is that flammable. It is a potential danger the cause of a 1/3 of 2,900 house fires just last year according to the US Fire Administration.
When your vents get too much blockage the dryer does not work as good as it should, not only does it create a fire hazard but costs you more to run. You run a cycle but it’s not completely dry so you run it again therefore 2 cycles 1 load of clothes $$$ going out your clogged vents. The world is becoming a more earth friendly economical place, having your vents cleaned can save you money and energy.
Here are some signs that may indicate you need a visit from the vent cleaning fairy.
● Tick…..Drying time takes a lot longer
● Tick…..Dryer outside is very hot after a cycle including clothes ● Tick…..Vent is not opening right
● Tick…..Burning smell
It is recommended you have your vents cleaned and inspected once a year to stop this ticking time bomb!
Don’t let this happen to your beautiful home! Easily solve your potential threat, we can come out, check your vents and clean them for you with our special tools. Read about our thorough service here in our ​Dryer Vent Cleaning​.
If you would like to get your vents inspected and cleaned set up appointment today! Check out all of our services also!

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