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Tile Cleaning

Why choose Steam & Clean for your tile & grout needs?

  • Fresh water rinse
  • Environmentally friendly, non-toxic
  • Healthier, chemical free clean for loved ones
  • Senior, Military, Fire, and Police Discounts
  • A cleaner way to live

Sometimes an old fashioned scrubbing just won’t do, you need us to get your tile and grout looking like new.

We have all been through this: Your tile floor needs cleaning so of course you mop it up. After a while it isn’t working as good as it should so you use even more cleaner to get the job done. Soon you notice it looks dirty even after you cleaned. This is when you know you have to get down and dirty, scrub that floor into submission. Every time you mop your cleaner leaves a film and after awhile you need to hit the restart button just to get it back to its original glow.

Let us be your restart button, we can get your floor clean for you. No need to break your back just sit back relax with your coffee and let us do the hard work.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Procedure

We have a great tile and grout tool that we use to break up the dirt and grease, this will enable us to clean your hard surfaces. This is a high pressured cleaning tool that has pressure washer perks without the mess. This powerful tool creates hot water temperatures 210-230 degrees to get even more dirt loosened even from years of build up. With vacuum attached this helps keep the water contained, pick up the loosened dirt, and carry it away to give you back the clean luster. We can guarantee we will get your tile and grout 80-90% back to its original shine. There are set in stains that sometimes will not let go but we will work as hard as possible to meet your expectations.

The best part of all is the cleaner we use is non-toxic, earth friendly products. Green cleaning is the best way to clean, great on the environment, and safe for family and pets.

Sealing your Grout

Having your tile and grout sealed is the best route to take. It helps keep the dirt and oils from penetrating fully which will make it easier to clean. For ceramic tile we only seal grout lines but for natural like slate, limestone, or travertine we will seal the tile and grout. Natural stone is very porous you want it to be protected so it will stay beautiful.

Do you have questions? Let us help resolve them so you can make the right decision for you!

  • We have a lot of experience so we know the tricks of the trade to make your tile and grout clean.
  • We have the right tools to get them job done while you sit back and relax.
  • When you seal your tile and grout, it protects against stains, protects from dirt/impurities, and repels liquids.
  • You should NOT apply wax. It can discolor your tile or grout.
  • We will give you helpful tips on how to keep your floors beautiful but it is recommended to get you floors professionally cleaned even after being sealed.

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